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What is the maximum capture length for EXOSTIV?

What is the maximum capture length for EXOSTIV?

The limitation factor is the probe memory – currently 8 Gigabyte.

Depending on the case – and mainly…
– whether you run interrupted or continuous captures;
– the sampling frequency inside the FPGA;
– the width of each sample, …

This quantity of data could mean a capture that spans over hours or a few (milli)seconds. Please note that the EXOSTIV Dashboard interface automatically provides you with the maximum number of bursts, samples, … This is all computed for you (and please do not forget that the probe’s memory is shared among the capture units of EXOSTIV IP).

See a recorded example below – and watch EXOSTIV capturing data from an Ethernet over a total 1 hour span – and that’s just 1/6 of its capabilities.

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