Long live Exostiv Labs!

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Long live Exostiv Labs!

So here we are. Exostiv Labs has started. Those of you who are familiar with Byte Paradigm (www.byteparadigm.com) already know that we have 10 years of business behind us. Quite some time dedicated to FPGA & System design AND Test and Measurement.

So, why Exostiv Labs – what is it and why now?

Exostiv Labs focuses on providing innovative debug & verification tools to the FPGA design community. We believe that FPGA (or Programmable Logic, ‘HIPPS’, or whatever they are called) has got its own constraints and economics. FPGA has become one of the most complex type of chip available for digital systems. Yet, the tools provided to the FPGA engineering community have failed to scale with the FPGA technology. The first and main problem in FPGA debug is observability– that is, the ability to understand the system’s behaviour from what you can observe of it.

Observability is the first target

Observability is in the roots of Exostiv Labs.

We choose our name to reflect what we think is biggest issue of FPGA debug: visibility and the need to see more – ultimately everything.
The other questions are more extensively developed in our latest white paper ‘FPGA verification tools need an upgrade’. You can download it from the link below.

Thank you for reading.

– Frederic