Massive Visibility inside FPGAs

at Operating Speed.

Get clarity for pre-silicon validation and debug.

Uncover our products How does it work?

Visualize FPGA from inside on a simulation-like waveform viewer

Visibility is crucial for SoC and FPGA design.

FPGA prototypes play a pivotal role in software design, system validation in realistic environments, regression testing before production and IPs demonstration.

Examining prototypes carefully is essential, as:

  • Bugs emerge from software execution

  • IP assemblies don’t meet performance expectations

  • Simulation assumptions are wrong

  • Systems do not behave well in realistic environments

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Data is critical for design and verification iterations.

Exostiv Labs maximizes visibility inside FPGAs

The principle.

Exostiv Labs products principle

Our products.

Standard packages are displayed below. Contact us for customized configurations.

Standard and customized packages for all capture needs.
Very deep capture from single or multiple FPGA. At speed.
From benchtop to enterprize-level deployment.
Locally or from remote locations.


Exostiv Blade - Compact chassis

Exostiv Blade - Tower chassis

Exostiv Blade - 2U chassis

Exostiv Blade - 4U chassis

  • 50 Gbps

  • 8 GB

  • 450 Gbps

  • 64 GB to 512 GB

  • Remote Access

  • Multi-User

  • Multi-FPGA

  • 450 Gbps to 900 Gbps

  • 64 GB to 1,024 GB

  • Remote Access

  • Multi-User

  • Multi-FPGA

  • 450 Gbps to 1,350 Gbps

  • 64 GB to 1,536 GB

  • Remote Access

  • Multi-User

  • Multi-FPGA

  • 450 Gbps to 4.5 Tbps

  • 64 GB to 5.12 TB

  • Remote Access

  • Multi-User

  • Multi-FPGA

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Massive Real-time
FPGA Data Capture
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