MYRIAD Waveform Viewer

Native Exostiv wave format and VCD Waveform Viewer.

MYRIAD waveform viewer is integrated into Exostiv and Exostiv Blade products software to provide advanced visualization of waveform databases. When using Exostiv Labs’ native file formats, MYRIAD provides unprecedented performance to browse Gigabytes and even Terabytes of waveform databases. Coupled with rich (re-)formatting options, search features, many waveforms export formats and the scripting capabilities of Exostiv and Exostiv Blade products, MYRIAD provides unprecedented productivity for waveform data visualization and analysis.


Windows, Linux & Mac OS support
Database encoding & overall performanceNative v1
Native v2
(faster & more compact)
Export to Native formats, VCD, CSV & binary
Cursors, Zoom, Signal & Value search
+ Zoom last
+ Go to sample
Analog Waveform display
Hex, Bin, Signed, Unsigned number formats
Flexible color & data formatting with configuration save & recall
Enhanced copy/pasteFull signalsFull signals, names, values
Integration in Exostiv softwareSingle viewTabbed, multi-view
Multi-core parallel architecture for faster database encoding
Configurable shortcuts
Configurable fonts
Enhanced signal names display (short / long with path)
Custom signal names / Aliases
Custom bus creation / split
Waves groups
Interval display between cursors
Virtual signals made from logic combinations of existing signalsIn roadmap
AvailabilityNOWQ3 2020
MYRIAD v2 Waveform display example - detail
MYRIAD v2 Waveform display example - full zoom
MYRIAD v1 Waveform display example