FPGA Visibility in the Data Center

EXOSTIV Blade connects to FPGA used as accelerator and local networking / storage processing unit in the data center, providing total visibility into the chip.
EXOSTIV Blade is a scalable unit able to monitor data from FPGA at speed of operation. Coupled with EXOSTIV systems used for development and prototyping, EXOSTIV Blade extends the reach into FPGA deployed in the field and stressed under massive data input from the real environment.

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EXOSTIV Blade targets complex & computing-intensive environments where observation from inside the FPGA is necessary:
– Data Center Acceleration;
– Low latency trading & other fintech applications.


– Xilinx devices support: Series 7, Ultrascale(+)
– Up to 32 GB fast storage in the blade
– Up to 8x QSFP28 inputs
– Simultaneous monitoring of multiple target FPGA
– Included Host with Exostiv Analyzer software
– Remote ethernet management interface
– PPS in/ou for accurate timestamping
– Multiple-tap timestamping inside the FPGA
– Included waveform viewer
– Scripting for data post-processing
– Optional additional hard disk storage