Simulation-like visibility into multiple FPGAs. At speed.

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ASIC & SoC prototyping / FPGA-based prototyping

Complex multi FPGA debug & verification

Production and stress testing diagnostics


  • Xilinx & Intel FPGA support
  • Connects to FPGA transceivers through standard interfaces at up to 25 Gbps each
  • Modular chassis able to include multiple hardware units
  • 100 Gbps / 2x QSFP28 / 4 or 8 GB fast memory per hardware unit (x N)
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple target FPGA at target speed of operation (> 400 MHz)
  • Included multi-user capable host
  • Remote ethernet management interface
  • Included waveform viewer
  • Scripting for data post-processing
  • Modular hardware options
  • Accurate timestamping
Detailed technical specifications.