About Exostiv Labs

Exostiv Labs is a leading provider of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software and hardware for FPGA design and FPGA-based prototyping used for ASIC and SoC design. Its FPGA technology-independent solutions provide extended visibility into systems running at speed of operation and aim at accelerating design, debugging and (pre-)production testing on FPGA technologies.

Exostiv Labs is based in Belgium and has a global customer base extension, in USA/Canada, Europe, Israel, India, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

Exostiv Labs sprl is a company incorporated in Belgium under the REG/VAT nr: BE0873.279.914.

Registered address:
Exostiv Labs sprl
Avenue Moliere, 18
B-1300 Wavre
VAT: BE0873.279.914
Bank information:

ING Belgium
Avenue des anciens combattants 17, 1140 Evere, Belgium
IBAN : BE12310198559692

BNP Paribas Fortis
Dreve Richelle 161 BAT A 11, 1410 WATERLOO, Belgium
IBAN: BE42 0018 7367 6854

Exostiv Labs. Visibility into the FPGA.