EXOSTIV for Xilinx – technical specifications – overview
EXOSTIV for Intel – technical specifications – overview

Get your board ready

Connectivity – overview: click here.
Interfacing EP Series – EP Series probe connecting guide – UG102(PDF)
Example schematic for adding EXOSTIV custom connector (‘HDMI’) to your board.(PDF)
HDMI to FMC module adapter – data sheet – UG301(PDF)

User’s Guides

EXOSTIV Dashboard – User’s Guide – UG601(PDF) *** Includes EXOSTIV Dashboard for Xilinx and EXOSTIV Dashboard for Intel ***
EXOSTIV License Server Administration Guide (PDF)
MYRIAD User’s Guide – UG701(PDF)
EXOSTIV IP – EXOSTIV IP users’ guide – UG401(PDF)
EXOSTIV Probe user’s guide (PDF)
EXOSTIV Dashboard TCL User’s Reference Guide (PDF)


HDMI to FMC module adapter – data sheet – UG301(PDF)
EXOSTIV Hands-On with the MICA board – user’s guide (PDF).