EXOSTIV – Technical Specifications

    Devices & Platforms

    Supported FPGA devices*

    AMD devices families:  AMD Artix™ 7, AMD Kintex™ 7, AMD Virtex™ 7, AMD Zynq™, AMD Ultrascale™, AMD UItrascale™+

    Intel devices families: Cyclone-10, Arria-10, Stratix-10

    Microchip devices families: Smartfusion 2 and Igloo 2

    Exostiv Probe connectivity

    SFP/SFP+ and custom pinout (HDMI)

    FMC, FMC+ and others with adapter

    PC connectivity

    USB 2.0 and 3.0

    PC requirements

    min. 8GB RAM available

    OS Support

    Windows, Linux and MacOS

    Win 64 versions 7, 8.x, 10 and 11.

    CentOS & RHEL 7.2 & 7.6

    Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 & 20.04

    Debian 8, 9 & 10
    Rocky 8


    * Other FPGA devices: contact us for roadmap.

    AMD devices supported transceiver types

    AMD Virtex™ 7

    GTX / GTH

    AMD Kintex™ 7


    AMD Artix™ 7


    AMD Zynq™ 7000


    AMD Virtex™ Ultrascale™

    GTH / GTY

    AMD Kintex™ Ultrascale™


    AMD Virtex™ Ultrascale™+

    GTH / GTY

    AMD Kintex™ Ultrascale™+

    GTH / GTY

    AMD Zynq™ Ultrascale™+

    GTH / GTY


    Probe memory

    8 GB


    SFP / SFP+, custom pinout (HDMI connector)

    Number of transceivers

    1 to 4

    Max. data rate per channel

    12.5 Gbps

    Max. sampling rate in FPGA

    390 MHz

    Max. nr of observable nodes


    Max. nr of capture units / clock domains


    Max. nr of FPGA nodes per capture unit


    Min. FPGA memory per capture unit

    1 block RAM

    Data Groups multiplexing

    Up to 16 groups per capture unit

    Triggering capabilities

    Level or transition
    AND, OR, range conditions

    Data qualification

    Concurrent triggering of 1 to 16 capture units.
    Cross clock domain triggering
    Trigger positioning
    Trigger counter

    Capture modes

    Stream to probe or burst to probe

    Synthesis / Implementation

    Exostiv Dashboard-A:
    (Applies to AMD devices)
    Requires AMD Vivado™ 2015.4 to 2023.2

    Exostiv Dashboard-I:
    (Applies to Intel devices)
    Requires Intel Quartus software version 17.1 to 21.1 Standard or 22.2 Pro

    Exostiv Dashboard-M:
    (Applies to Microchip devices)
    Requires Microchip Libero software version 2022.2 to 2023.2

    Exostiv Dashboard-A:
    (Applies to AMD devices)
    After synthesis (netlist level) or
    Manual RTL insertion

    Exostiv Dashboard-I:
    (Applies to Intel devices)
    Manual RTL insertion

    Exostiv Dashboard-M:
    (Applies to Microchip devices)
    Manual RTL insertion

    Data visualization

    With MYRIAD waveform viewer

    Data export

    .vcd, .csv (text) and binary formats