FPGA prototyping platform gets visibility with EXOSTIV

ONIX FPGA prototyping platform connected to EXOSTIV
This month, thanks to AVNET Israel, we received the ONIX platform for interoperability tests.
The board that we received was the AVT-ONIX-VU440-1, equipped with 1 Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale XCVU440 device.

The ONIX board system is designed by DgTronix in Israel and distributed by AVNET.
As shown in the video below, we used the HTG-FMC-X4SFP+ module from High Tech Global to convert the FMC connectivity available on the ONIX board to 4 x SFP+ – and from there we connected to a EP12000 EXOSTIV probe at 4 x 12.5 Gbps with 4 copper SFP+ cables. For the interoperability tests, we loaded an example design in the Virtex Ultrascale device connected to an example EXOSTIV IP. (See picture below).
Reference design used int he Xilinx XCVU440 FPGA on the DgTronix ONIX board

We recorded and annotated a demonstration below. See for yourself (no sound version).

As always, thank you for reading (and watching).

– Frederic