Exostiv Blade Core Capabilities

Exostiv Blade – Core capabilities demonstration

Here is a follow up of what was announced in our introductory article about the main features of Exostiv Blade. Down below, you can find the recording of a demonstration of Exostiv Blade in which we have wanted to show 2 fundamental core capabilities of this new appliance.

First, uncompromised performance for capturing data from inside FPGA. In the video below, we capture data from a PCIe 4x interface at 100 Gbps. As you might know, 100 Gbps is ‘just’ the basic performance of a *single* port of Exostiv Blade – and in its current configuration, it already features 4 of them for connection to single or multiple FPGA. Yes, you can really start to think about how to mobilize the high speed transceivers of your FPGA board or FPGA prototype, because we’ll make the most of the available bandwidth to let you peer into your device better, faster, and deeper.

Second, remote access. As you’ll see, everything in this demonstration is controlled remotely, including browsing the waves in our updated ‘network’ waveform viewer. Yes, this means more flexibility for managing your legacy or heterogeneous set of debug boards, prototyping systems and test boards and give access to them across the globe. Do you have an IP to demonstrate to your client? Make the test setup available to them and let them explore the design as it runs. Do you want to run test 24/7? Well, the same equipment can be used during the day from Santa Clara and at night from Bangalore.

Check it below, here is first and small 6 min. video demonstration of 2 major core capabilities. A lot more is coming… stay tuned!

Thank you for watching.

– Frederic

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