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I cannot connect to the probe over USB

I cannot connect to the probe over USB

We have received reports about the issues when connecting to the probe over USB, although the USB driver is installed and reported as ‘working properly’.
The received message in the EXOSTIV Dashboard log window is Message id : 0x80020f04.

This issue affects systems running under Microsoft Windows 7. It seems to be due to the fact that USB 3.0 support is not native in Windows 7. Consequently, there is a wide variety of host controllers -and some of them do not support USB 3.0 very well under Windows 7, leading to connection issues when using USB 3.0.

If you are in this case, here is what you can do:
– Use a USB 2.0 cable instead of the USB 3.0 cable. Using a USB 2.0 cable forces the USB host in USB 2.0 mode. Using USB 2.0 has no impact on the capture performance of your capture unit, as USB is used with EXOSTIV probe to upload captured data once they are already stored in the probe memory. There will be a limited effect on the time taken to visualize the data on your PC, as the bandwidth for uploading data to the PC is lower.
– Install EXOSTIV Dashboard software on a PC with Windows 10 (or Linux with USB support).