Exostiv Blade multi-site, multi-target and multi-user capabilities

Exostiv Blade – Managing multiple sites, targets & users

In this video, we demonstrate that Exostiv Blade lets you manage multiple sites, target boards and users to reach your FPGA debug, verification and test goals. In a previous demonstration, we already showed that Exostiv Blade core capabilities – that is remotely capturing trace data from inside FPGA with 25 Gbps transceiver links (click here to access the core capabilities demonstration).
We have built and connected 2 separate Exostiv Blade systems – one in a 2U chassis and the other in a compact ‘tower’ chassis. Each of these systems provide up to 400 Gbps bandwidth and 64 GByte trace storage. After startup and connection to the Exostiv Blade units over the network, this demonstration proceeds in 4 steps:

  • First, a multi-Blade access from the same users to run FPGA captures from multiple sites concurrently;
  • Second, a simultaneous multi-user access to target boards connected to the same Exostiv Blade unit.
  • Third, a mix of the 2 above.
  • Finally, we access and manage multiple Exostiv Blade sessions from the provided Exostiv Blade Python API.

This video outlines the benefits of using Exostiv Blade to massively capture data from inside FPGA prototyping boards:
Better infrastructure management, reducing the need to duplicate test systems worldwide;
Higher availability with the possibly to use FPGA boards 24/7 across multiple time zones;
Better resources sharing among teams
Easier access to test systems including from home offices.

Thank you for watching.

– Frederic

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