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Can I call Exostiv Dashboard from Vivado?

Can I call Exostiv Dashboard from Vivado?

Yes, the Exostiv Dashboard software can be run from Xilinx Vivado’s Tcl shell to execute custom scripts.
A typical example consists in launching Exostiv Dashboard from Vivado to execute Exostiv IP core insertion in a netlist.

Exostiv Dashboard for Xilinx includes a special tcl script ‘vivado_server.tcl’. This scripts contains the commands required to:
– Launch Exostiv Dashboard
– Establish a link between Vivado and Exostiv Dashboard
– Further execute commands with Exostiv Dashboard

This script uses a global variable used to pass arguments to the Exostiv Dashboard command shell. A typical argument sources an external TCL script that needs to be called from Exostiv Dashboard (Exostiv Dashboard Tcl commands list).

Example: start Exostiv Dashboard from Vivado TCL shell.
For instance, we suppose that the target design is synthesized and loaded into Vivado. At the TCL shell invite in Vivado, type:

>> set ::exostiv_args “-source ./myscript.tcl”
This defines a global variable called ‘exostiv_args’ and sets its value to “-source ./myscript.tcl”. myscript.tcl contains commands for the Exostiv Dashboard tcl shell.
>> source “(path to Exostiv Dashboard installation directory)/vivado_shell_server.tcl”
This line calls the vivado_shell_server.tcl script available from the Exostiv Dashboard installation directory (Can’t find it? Click here to download it). It starts Exostiv Dashboard, links it to Vivado and runs the arguments previously provided with ::exostiv_args global variable.

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